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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Preparing a detailed cost estimate and budget for the construction project, including materials, labour and other expenses, this is typically done by a Quantity Surveying firm.

  • Design team: We won't employ the design team unless it’s a specific Design and Build Contract


    Architectural Design: Developing the architectural plans, drawings, and specifications for the construction project. This is typically done by an architecture firm or architectural designer.

  • Structural Engineering: Conducting the structural analysis and design of the project, ensuring the integrity and safety of the building. Structural engineering services are usually provided by a specialised structural engineering firm.


    Geotechnical Investigation: Performing soil testing, analysing soil conditions, and providing recommendations for foundation design. Geotechnical investigations are typically conducted by geotechnical engineering firms.

  • Environmental Impact Assessment: Assessing the potential environmental impact of the construction project and providing recommendations for mitigating any negative effects. Environmental impact assessments are often conducted by environmental consulting firms.


    Land Surveying: Surveying the project site to establish property boundaries, identify topography, and create accurate site plans. Land surveying services are typically provided by licensed land surveyors.

We will, however, collaborate and coordinate the above services or companies to ensure a successful and well executed Construction project

  • Collaborating with quantity surveyors, Architects, Engineers and other design professionals to determine the best solution for the budget.

  • Identifying potential risks and developing strategies to mitigate them, including analysing safety hazards, scheduling challenges, and logistical considerations.

  • Creating a detailed construction programme that outlines the sequence of activities, milestones, and deadlines to guide the project's execution.

  • Assisting with selecting and sourcing construction materials, equipment, and systems that meet the project's quality standards and budget constraints.

  • Providing innovative ideas and suggestions to improve project efficiency, sustainability, and overall value.

  • Organising and facilitating meetings, presentations, and workshops to communicate project plans, progress, and address any concerns or questions.

  • Assessing the viability of a construction project, evaluating site conditions, and determining its feasibility.

  • Evaluating the project plans and designs to ensure they are practical, efficient, and can be effectively constructed.

  • Conducting site visits, surveys, and assessments to gather accurate information about the project site, including topography, soil conditions, utilities, and potential obstacles.

  • Assisting with obtaining the necessary permits, licences, and ensuring compliance throughout the preconstruction period.

  • Collaborating with architects, engineers, and other design professionals to coordinate the development of project plans and specifications.

  • Analysing different materials, systems, and construction methods to determine the most cost-effective and efficient options for the project.

  • Throughout this phase, project managers closely monitor progress, manage resources efficiently, and address any unforeseen challenges that may arise. Effective communication among all stakeholders is paramount to ensure a seamless workflow and timely completion.


    As the building takes shape, stakeholders can witness the evolution of their vision into a tangible reality. Regular updates and transparent communication keep everyone informed about the construction progress, fostering a sense of collaboration and shared achievement.


    We prioritise not only the physical construction aspects but also the overall experience, aiming to create a positive and efficient work environment. Our goal is to deliver a meticulously crafted structure that reflects the highest standards of quality and meets the expectations of our clients and the community at large. The construction period is a journey of transformation, turning architectural concepts into enduring, functional spaces that stand as a testament to thoughtful design and skilled craftsmanship.


We offer a range of services to meet all types of needs


We offer a range of services to meet all types of needs

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